Cooking with dietary restrictions

tomatomozzWhen I launched this blog about a year ago, I never admitted something that most people know: I have some significant dietary restrictions.

It’s not like I can’t have peanuts (how I love my PBJ sandwiches to the point I dreamed about them the other night) or have to be gluten-free. But they are fairly significant.

I’m lactose-intolerant. I can still have butter and eggs, but milk and cheese are big enemies. But there are plenty of items on the market, including pills, that make it easier for me. I wouldn’t be able to make pizza, participate in my family’s ravioli tradition or eat ice cream if that weren’t true.

The harder one is the fact I can’t eat beef or pork.

Sometime in my late teens I started feeling sick (and eventually was getting sick) every time I ate either, so I just stopped eating them. Now if I do eat them, I get violently ill. It’s not like I don’t miss roast beef, because I do. It’s true every time I’m home at my parents’ and my mom decides to make a roast. The smell drives me insane.

There is a lot of substituting on my part when I cook. I will use turkey or chicken in recipes that ordinarily will call for beef or pork. It may not taste the same, but it’s usually pretty good. Plus it’s helped me learn the best ways to cook chicken and turkey. I can make a mean roast chicken.


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