Having cooking block

IMG_0217I’ve suffered writers block or photographer’s block in my life, but I’ve never experienced cooking block. That’s where I am now.

I have certain dietary restrictions, so I was tasked with making an alternative main dish for Easter dinner. I had considered making a paella recipe I found. But upon further review of it, I decided I didn’t want to make it.

And now I’m hunting for something to cook, and I’m coming up with nothing. I want to cook something with seafood, but I haven’t found anything I particularly like. Most Easter recipes, though, are for lamb and ham, which are not things I want to cook (think alternative). The fish recipes I have found are for salmon, and I’m allergic to salmon (but not other seafood, so figure that one out).

What’s funny is I know everything else I’m cooking for Easter. I’m making a breakfast casserole for the post-Church feeding. I’m also making cupcakes and brownies for dessert. But I’m stumped on this main dish, which has never happened to me.

My search continues!


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