The perils of cooking for Thanksgiving

A week before Thanksgiving (oh, about now) is when I start freaking out a little bit about cooking for Thanksgiving. Oh it’s not about the perfect turkey or making sure the house is clean or making sure I have enough potatoes. My aunt does most of the cooking.

It’s because I always want to try something new for family holidays, and Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite meal of the entire year. So I start to get overwhelmed with ideas and what to cook to share with my family. It’s usually a dessert and I like to go beyond your regular pumpkin pie.

A few years ago I made a pumpkin cheesecake that probably caused me to gain 10 pounds on its own. Last year I made pumpkin pie cupcakes, which I actually tried and shared with my coworkers first (they liked, so I made a batch for my family). Of course I’ve made traditional dishes in the past including apple pie and apple sauce (I like to brag that I make great apple sauce).

And this year I’m a little overwhelmed at what to make because I have so many choices. I found an apple tart recipe that seems easy to make. I found a zucchini side dish that looks good too. I also have had an apple pie cupcake recipe sitting around for a few months, and I’d like to try that too. I recently found a recipe for apple pie cookies that looks amazing, though it could be intensive work, especially in my tiny kitchen with so little counter space.

So now it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and  I need to figure out what I’m going to make, and I seem a little overwhelmed. I am leaning toward the apple tart with possibly one of the cupcake recipes.

How do you figure out what to make for Thanksgiving each year? Do you try something new? What are you making this year? Share your stories and recipes in the comments.


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