Things every cook does wrong

Who would have thought Cracked would be the source of great cooking tips, but it is. Last week I stumbled on a post of five things every new cook does wrong. If you’re a new cook (or even an accomplished one), you need to give it a read.

Things on the list I have done and still do sometimes:

Not letting meat rest

I’m guilty of this, though I try hard not to do it. I think the problem for me is I don’t eat beef (a whole other discussion for another post) and I associate resting meat with beef. But you should let any meat rest, whether it’s beef or poultry. I set a timer to help myself overcome this problem when I’ve roasted a chicken, for example.

Why should you do it? Meat doesn’t stop cooking when you turn off the heat. You need to let it sit for a little while so the meat can reabsorb the juices. To solve the problem, do what I do. Set a timer for 15 minutes.

Cooking everything on high

I don’t cook everything on high, but I do heat up a pan on high for a few minutes before turning down the heat sometime. And when I do that, there are times I forget to turn down the heat. Or I bring something to a boil and will forget to turn it down enough. That is not a good maneuver. Boiling water on high is fine. Cooking tomato sauce on high? No. Just no. It needs a slow simmer.

Screwing around with your food too much

I used to do this before I learned to just leave it alone. The more you cook, the more you know when to turn something or to remove it from the pan.

For example, pancakes are a tough thing for anyone to know when to turn. People end up screwing around, checking the pancakes too much. That will mess up your pancakes. But the more you cook, the more you learn. You learn to watch for the bubbles on the pancakes to know to turn them.

It’ll just be an urge you will have to fight for some time as you learn.

At the end of the article, I noticed a related link of ridiculous cooking myths that’s also a great read. I actually learned some things reading it.


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