My first attempt at making pancakes from scratch

I’ve had a craving for pancakes since Friday when I saw a photo of a stack on Facebook. Pancakes aren’t my favorite breakfast food (see: French toast), but every so often I have a craving.

But I’ve never made pancakes from scratch. I grew up in a family that made them from Bisquick. Every so often my dad would whip up a bunch using the mix, so I’ve always used the mix myself.

But I thought why not make a batch from scratch, so I started hunting around for a recipe online. Smitten Kitchen has the Martha Stewart buttermilk recipe, but I didn’t have any buttermilk. Smitten Kitchen has never done me wrong with recipes either. You should read the entry even though I didn’t use it because it has some great tips on making recipes.

So I hunted further and found a recipe from the New York Times.

I made them plain since I didn’t have anything to put into the pancakes. I had some blueberries, but I was planning to use them for muffins. I also didn’t have bananas or apples.

I found them to be a little dense for me. I suppose more milk may have solved this problem. I did use the Smitten Kitchen suggestion of separating the eggs, but that didn’t seem to make a difference for me.

I now have some buttermilk, though, so I can make the Martha Stewart variety the next time.

A few things to remember, though, when making pancakes.

First, it’s easy to screw around with a pancake wondering when to turn it. You just need to let it be, though. So how do you tell if a pancake is ready to be turned? Watch for bubbles to start forming in the batter side (see the photo). Once you see the bubbles, you know it’s ready to turn. Three or four minutes longer and your pancake should be ready.

My dad never greased the pan when I was growing up, but some pans need a touch of butter. But just a touch. Smitten Kitchen suggests brushing the pan with melted butter. I tried this method, and it worked out very well for me.

Finally, if you want to make pancakes with blueberries, apples, bananas, chocolate chips or any other add-on, don’t mix it straight into the batter. Instead, place the fruit or add-on into the batter once you poor it into the pan. It helps prevent burning and other problems while the pancakes cook.

Have tips or suggestions (including recipes) for pancakes? Post about them in the comments.


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