Check out these food and cooking tips

I’m an avid reader of Buzzfeed and follow them on Twitter, and I never thought they’d bring me some of the most outstanding food and cooking tips I’ve seen. Check out their 19 food tips, which are done in meme style (which is the norm for them).

I can’t say I’ve tried many of these yet, but I do think some are worth it. I use a lot of corn in my cooking, especially salads, at this time of year, so the tip about using a bundt cake pan seems worthy to try (even if I don’t have a pan!). I also want to try using a pants hanger for my recipes. That may be better than my current method of Post-It Notes (or the iPad, which I always worry about destroying). And I certainly will try the wooden spoon to prevent a pot from boiling over technique. I’ve never even heard of that!

Have you tried any of Buzzfeed’s tips? Share your adventures in the comments.

Update: I tried the wooden spoon over a boiling pot technique last night when my pot started to boil over a little. I’m happy to report it worked!


2 thoughts on “Check out these food and cooking tips

  1. I have seen some of these on pinterest. That wooden spoon one I read some people saying that is doesn’t really work, I have never actually tried it though. The sandwich idea (nothing in corners) is a little silly lol. Thanks for sharing.

    • I just updated the post that I tried the wooden spoon trick last night. It worked. The only issue, though, is I have a gas stove. So I worried the wooden spoon would catch fire!

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