What to do with peaches?

We’ve hit the time of the summer where here in New Jersey and across the northeast a lot of great produce is in season at the farmers market. Blueberries (which has tripped my need to make muffins), corn, tomatoes and peaches. We’re actually getting peaches early in New Jersey since they’re supposed to be in season in August.

I want to say I like peaches. At least I remember liking them when I was younger. They’d be juicy and tasty. I remember as a kid the juice running down my arm.

But as an adult I can’t say I like peaches like I did as a kid. They’re not ripe enough when you buy them to eat, and sometimes they start to rot before you can eat them. My mother doesn’t buy peaches for this reason.

So I looked around for something simple to do with peaches (I didn’t want to make a pie or a cobbler or some other elaborate dessert) and to experiment. I wanted to try grilling them, but apartment living prevents me from doing that. So, instead, I tried baking peaches, chilling them and bringing them with my lunch to work.

Here’s what I did:

I took three peaches (they had softened and were ripe at this point) and cut them in half, removing the pit. I then arranged them in a glass baking dish with the flesh side facing up. I then used my cinnamon-sugar grinder to sprinkle on top.

I then baked the peaches for about 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

I let them cool and then put them in the refrigerator so I could take them with me to work. I sliced one, removing the skin, to bring with me for my lunch.

My thoughts:

It was O.K. It was better than eating a peach on its own, but I wasn’t wowed by what I did. I’m now wondering if it would be better with either whipped cream or iced cream, which I’ve seen suggested. I also wonder if sprinkling brown sugar on the flesh along with the cinnamon sugar also would have been a good idea. I also don’t know if eating them warm would have made a difference too. Either way, I need to do more experimenting.

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