Turkey as pot roast

I have some dietary limitations. Among them is I cannot eat beef (my stomach just can’t digest it), so there is a lot I feel like I’m missing. I remember cheeseburgers, roast beef and my mom’s pot roast. I try to make do by substituting with chicken or turkey in some recipes.

You can buy a “london broil” cut of turkey breast now, which I use to make a turkey version of pot roast by using my crock pot.

You will need:

London broil cut of turkey
Olive oil
One part white wine
One part chicken broth/stock
One part water

First you will need to sear the turkey. Cook the onion in olive oil in a frying pan until they are soft. Add the garlic. Season the turkey and then place it in the pan. Brown it on each side. Remove from the heat.

Mix the wine, broth and water to the crock pot. Add more of the spices to the mixture. Add the onions, garlic and turkey. Depending the size of the turkey, you can cook it for six, eight or 10 hours.

Once it’s done cooking, remove the turkey and transfer the liquid a pot to create the gravy. I add flour (usually Wondra for better mixing) to thicken it.

You can serve it with potatoes (mashed or otherwise) or noodles.

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