You don’t need a bottled marinade

Marinades aren’t hard. They can just take time. It’s not so much the time they take to make, but rather the time it takes to marinate your meat.

But the reality is you don’t need a whole lot to make a good marinade and you don’t need a whole lot of time. As for actually marinating your meat (or poultry or fish), the longer you can do it the better, clearly. That also is the reason some people shy away from marinating their meat. They forget to stick the meat in a marinade the night before or in the morning before leaving for work. But even if you can do it for 30 minutes, you’re going to get some flavor, though it’s not optimal.

I headed to the farmer’s market this morning, which included the fish vendor. I wanted to buy scallops, but they just ran out when I got to the stand. I had to settle for swordfish,which isn’t really settling for me. Swordfish is one of my favorites. Either way, I would be marinating my fish.

My fish marinade is simple:

Extra virgin olive oil
White wine (I usually use a chardonnay)
Lemon juice

I have added a white balsamic vinegar  to the mix in the past, but not always. You can use the juice of one lemon, but I’ll also use the juice in the plastic lemons you can buy in the grocery store. One skirt is good enough. I also prefer to use fresh dill or scallions chopped, but using the dried version is fine too. I also prefer to use fresh garlic chopped, but you can settle for garlic powder if you don’t have any on hand (I tend to always have garlic on hand, even if it’s the jar of chopped garlic).

Whisk everything together and then add your fish, coating it in the liquid. You can leave it in the bowl (covered) and stick it in the fridge, but I usually transfer it to a container with a sealed lid. It allows me to shake the marinade ever so often, though it’s not required.

I prefer to grill swordfish. The steaks aren’t going to fall apart on you on the grill. Unfortunately, I do not have a grill here. It’s one of the perils of apartment living.  Instead I use the broiler and will cook it until a little bit of a crust forms on the fish. I also will use the leftover marinade to brush the fish if needed as it cooks in order to keep it moist.

I paired my fish with roasted fingerling potatoes (they were large, so I cut them, which I don’t normally do) and roasted green beans and zucchini. The roasted green beans was something new I tried, though I regularly roast vegetables (again, not something all that hard). It didn’t turn out quite the way I would have liked.

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