Why this blog?

I’m not a chef. I don’t even consider myself a foodie. But I do like to cook, and it stinks when you live alone and don’t have anyone to cook for. I love having people over for dinner or attending parties where I need to bring something because it means I get to cook.

I like to think my love for cooking is an extension of my artistic side. I sometimes work with recipes (you should see my collection of cookbooks), but over time I will make them my own. I’ll add a little flair with a different taste or an ingredient (like the not-so-secret ingredient in my oatmeal cookies) to make it my own. And I do a lot of things by eye without measuring because of that.

And the result is I get requests from friends and family on bringing certain items to parties or to make for dinner. “Oh your guacamole? Could you bring it to the party?” And I’m happy to oblige.

But I get told so often by people that cooking is hard or that they can’t understand how I do it so well. I tell them it’s easy, but they refuse to believe me. I’m not doing complicated things. I explain as best I can and I get told a variety of things in response. “Oh, I’d rather just open a bottle of” something rather than do it themselves (hey, we all cut corners at times, even me). People refuse to believe it’s easy.

And it’s why I started this blog after hearing people tell me something I had cooked must have been so hard to make. It wasn’t. All you have to do to cook well is to be fearless. Don’t be afraid to add cinnamon to those muffins. Don’t be afraid to grab that bottle of white balsamic vinegar to use in a marinade. And especially don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Those happen because no one’s perfect.

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